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  Aren Cosmetics, which produces with 1200 m2 closed area with its experienced staff, is a company established in 2011 with totally domestic capital. Our company has close to 500 product range, hotel groups, cosmetic products, as well as fog effective optical solution, screen cleaning solutions (LCD, monitors, phone screens, TV) microfiber pouches and microfiber cleaning cloths pride to be the priority choice of optical stores and corporate companies.

  Our factory is manufacturing ISO and GMPI standards. Our products are subjected to microbiology and stability tests by.chemical technicians and chemical engineers. The  products are designed according to the customers' reguest and the highest guality, fastest and safest way to produce.

  It aims to become a growing and developing company with the understanding of gaining the satisfaction and'irust of its customers.

  The aim of Aren Cosmetics, which exports to African and European countries, offers you the best guality and best service with all aspects beyond your expectations.

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